Physiotherapeutic Techniques

A preliminary medical consultation is required.


Manual techniques for mobilizing articulation used to restore functions of the locomotor system and to solve muscular problems. A preliminary medical consultation is required.

Individual Hydrokinesiotherapy

The kinesiotherapic techniques are carried out in a special thermal water pool, which allows optimum functionality to be recovered.


An anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving technique that uses stimulating currents of various strengths. A preliminary medical consultation is required.

Ultrasonic Therapy

Effective for the treatment of contracted muscles and rheumatism with the help of medicaments applied locally. A preliminary medical consultation is required.


Ultrasonic frequency acts deep down into the cellulite, shattering the adipose cells which are subsequently eliminated by the circulatory system. A dramatically effective medical beauty treatment. A preliminary medical consultation is required.


A classic draining treatment for the legs with pneumatic boots, aimed to treat water retention and cellulite. A preliminary medical consultation is required.

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The green of the valley of Saturnia, the breathtaking landscape and the advanced tee markers at every hole, make your game of golf an unforgettable and truly exclusive experience. Its founding philosophy is based on the assumption that well-being derives from pleasure: the programme is designed to be challenging for seasoned players and at the same time enjoyable for those out of practice.

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Magic Maremma

The Maremma in all its glory is a region in the southern Tuscany and is historically, archeologically, and naturalistically as important as it is unknown.

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The benefits of the spring water

The uniqueness of Saturnia, the only spa of its kind in the world, is the fruit of this exclusive relationship with a hot spring of exceptional qualities. This is why experiencing Terme di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort means coming into contact with a priceless luxury that cannot be copied or imitated.

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Stay informed about the weather every day!

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