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Moles mapping

The Medical Spa of Terme di Saturnia offers the moles mapping with Dr. Domenico Mazzone, specialist in Dermatology and Thermal Medicine, with a special discount of 15% until 15 May 2019.

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The increase in quality of life it is possible only through prevention.

Terme di Saturnia, due to the natural properties of its spring water and the specialized services it offers, has always been a point of reference for prevention: also in skin care, both from a cosmetic and a dermatological point of view, and right in this area is the mapping of moles.

The moles are proliferations of skin cells that can be congenital (present at birth) or acquired in adulthood, thus affecting all age groups. Their control is essential to prevent the possibility that they may evolve into aggressive forms such as melanoma. Just melanoma is currently the seventh neoplastic disease in order of frequency: its incidence increases with age even if it is more and more common in young people.

The mapping is done through a simple tool, the dermatoscope and the expert eye of the dermatologist who evaluates the 6 risk characteristics: color, asymmetry, relief, dimensions, jagged edges and evolution.

The factors that the dermatologist evaluates during the analysis are multiple: size, shape and number, familiarity, strength of the immune system, exposure to UV, phenotype 1 and 2 (ie light skin, red / blonde hair, green / blue eyes ).

The analysis is not invasive and should be carried out regularly, especially in the presence of risk factors: it would be good practice to repeat it once a year.


Moles Mapping: 160€ = € 136 up to May 15th 2019


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Phone:  +39 0564 600814 

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