Terme di Saturnia Spa&Golf Resort finally announces its new Department of Aesthetic Medicine. The resort has finally implemented the wellness opportunities given by its award winning SPA combining the health-giving properties of the spring waters with new advanced treatments.

Far from being a clinic, the resort, in the heart of Tuscan Maremma, offers an ideal setting of serenity, concentration and relaxation. An important element is now complementing its exclusive model of regeneration of mind and body: the launch of an innovative programme of aesthetic mecidine with the most advanced techniques combatting the effects of ageing for effective long-term results.

Dr Domenico Mazzone’s supervision guarantees expertise and skills to let our guests reach quick and effective results. Peeling, fillers, lasers, tripolar radiofrequency and injections are the key to restore health and beauty. A complimentary and preliminary medical check-up is offered to guests in order to tailor-make their programs.

Exclusively at Terme di Saturnia, the revolutionary PRX-T33: this is a valid alternative to biorevitalizing injections, using the restructuring effects of tricloracetic acid, with a significant exfoliating and revitalizing effect. It improves hydration of the dermis, skin luminosity and tissue tone. Particularly indicated for the treatment of the face, neck and décolletage, the PRX-T33 effectively slows down the damage caused by photoageing and chrono-ageing, and is recommended for the treatment of acne, scar damage and stretch marks.
Guests still can enjoy the sun and bath in the thermal waters few hours after the treatment.

Another innovative technique is the BIOSTIMULATION, an injective treatment using hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin and provide an anti-oxidizing effect on the dermis, to prevent and correct the damage from physiological and photo-induced ageing. Acting on the face, neck or décolletage it renders the skin more luminous and taut, through gradual ‘rejuvenation’.
The treatment is also indicated to tackle acne scarring.

Hence integrated protocols have been devised as the latest area of research at Terme di Saturnia where the high expertise of our doctor is aided by the important contribution of beauty specialists to create specific high-quality protocols. In fact this “double” experience is what distinguishes the treatment enhancing its efficiency and making it a genuine source of beauty and relaxation.
The protocols, researched from the angle of anti-ageing, global wellbeing and pampering can be dedicated to the body with anticellulite and toning effects or to the face for marks removal or lip contouring. The beauty treatments will increase the effectiveness of the aesthetic medicine techniques towards long-lasting end results, complete relaxation and one-of a kind experience.

Terme di Saturnia also features a range of prestigious thermal professional skin care, complementing the SPA beauty programs, derived from the therapeutic waters of Saturnia which is famed as the “the waters of youth” for over 3000 years due to their extraordinary cosmetic and antioxidant properties. These waters act as the source for the current Terme di Saturnia range of professional skin care products featuring the thermal active BIOGLEA, a unique plankton extract with exclusive nourishing, moisturizing and exfoliating properties to elevate esthetic performance.
Just to mention one among the many references:

Terme di Saturnia Black Label Hyper-Hydrating Cream 1.7 oz.. is formulated specifically to enhance moisture level in dry – dehydrated mature skin. A high concentration in Jericho Rose extracts enables water micro particles to be stored in the epidermies to re-hydrate the skin deeply while Bioglea and black tea extracts work to stimulate the skin’s functions facilitating cellular turnaround and bringing a new brightness to the skin. In the anti-aging fight, hydration is key as moisture plumps wrinkles groves and signs of tiredness, bring suppleness and tone.
Skin regains freshness, smoothness and a glowing shine.

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