Everything at Terme di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort has been designed to create a sensation of total well-being. The varied architectural components, furnishings and colours merge into one to form an atmosphere of total multisensory pleasure. Thoughtful design elements reflect the underlying principle of establishing a harmonious connection between mind, body and soul to facilitate well-being. Evocative installations, chromotherapeutic lighting, sensitive interior design, sculptures, all merge to create a balanced and restorative environment for guests.

Terme di Saturnia’s latest spa innovation, the Ultimate, opened in 2009, offering guests a ‘world away from a spa’. A haven of luxury and privacy, the Ultimate is dramatically designed in black and dark grey oak panelling and pockets of blue and lilac-hued light.
The private suites are a unique departure from the resort’s standard offerings as they serve as an ultra-exclusive spa within a spa- featuring customized signature treatments and services. The Ultimate is a symbol of elegance and exclusivity. The Ultimate, which measure up to 33 square meters, were designed by one of Italy’s leading architecture firms, Studio Parisotto & Formenton, who specialize in luxury Italian boutiques including Salvatore Ferragamo, Valentino, Cruciani Cashmere, Lotto Sport and Nespresso. The suites feature black oak paneling with small traces of blue hues and pockets of natural sunlight, which allow guests to enter into inner holistic dimension-making the spa experience ultra-physical. Guests may choose to enjoy The Ultimate Spa services on an individual basis or the largest room features two treatment tables and a large Jacuzzi for select twin treatments. In addition, Terme di Saturnia has expanded its spa menu with new signature treatments, which incorporate the use of natural and precious elements such as gold. These treatments mark the evolution of the hot spring traditions such as the sprinkling of oils, massage therapies and dedicated beauty treatments. Each treatment at the Ultimate concludes in the Relaxation Room, which is an oasis of tranquility where, cradled by music and suffused with light, the body slowly awakens.
The Ultimate Spa. Black. Symbolic. Exclusive.

This quest for harmony has inspired architects from the Parisotto & Formenton Studio to interior design the area which separates the spa reception from the zone specializing in treatments and therapies. Entering the spa area, guests can enjoy a beneficial feeling when waiting for their treatment, a sensation to be experienced afterwards in a sensory kind of full-body envelopment. The different hues of colour – from lilac to bluey violet – guide guests towards areas for treatments according to colour. The exciting play of light leads to evocative pictures by German artist Herbert Hamak lining the route. The geometrical forms, an intelligent combination of pigments and resins, and the bright colours of the works harmonize with the lighting plan to accentuate particular architectural elements. It’s an emotional journey enhancing the feeling of multisensory pleasure.

Terme di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort’s two Grand Suites feature 75 m2 suites and combine elegance, fine design and attention to detail. They consist of a large living room with lunch area, a double bedroom, two wardrobes and two marble and travertine baths. As well as enjoying the comforts of a spacious environment with valuable furniture, guests can enjoy a series of exclusive services. The elegant dining area of the living room can be used for intimate dinners or working breakfasts. The resort staff are perpetually on call to meet any request.

Guests at the resort may experience the ancient ritual of the “Roman bath” in accordance with the principles of the Roman balneum, a place for socialising and for body care.
The architectural design is very simple, in harmony with the resort’s overall style. Local travertine was used for the floors and walls. Huge skylights flood the rooms with natural light, and clouds of steam create a very atmospheric setting.
Terme di Saturnia’s Balneum is a representation of the baths of Ancient Rome, where bathers followed a set course through rooms at different temperatures and humidity rates (frigidarium, tepidarium, calidarium, laconium, assa sudatio), alternating cold washes (labrum) or hot baths (solium) with physical exercise in the gymnasium, massages with perfumed oils (olearum) and skin cleansing (destrictarium), ending up with a swim in the natatio (cold-water pool).
Guests in the resort’s Roman bath will follow this course: they will first immerse themselves in a pool of spa water (37°C) at the centre of the room, to get their body used to the first temperature change, thus helping to activate – through a sequence of different temperatures – their organism’s vital functions (breathing, blood circulation, vegetative nervous system).
This should be followed by a shower, which each guest may personalise according to taste by choosing, for example, to be enveloped in the orange-coloured rays of the “aromatic shower”, or perhaps an invigorating shot of the ”cold mist”’s blue lights or a massage in the “vertical showers”.
Once refreshed by their shower, guests are ready for a 15-minute steam bath. The high temperature (55°C) in the steam-filled room gives a real boost to the circulation, helped by the sudden changes in temperature caused by washing in the cold-water fountain in the room.
After the steam bath, guests take a quick, cold shower and relax for a while around the swimming pool.
Then it’s time for a bio-sauna lasting 10-15 minutes at a moderate temperature (70°C) designed to stimulate the organism without causing stress. Dry heat encourages sweating, thereby promoting a purifying process, and the hot, dry, aromatic air helps bathers to breathe better.
It is best to finish by covering oneself with the crushed ice prepared in the labrum and then lie down and relax next to the swimming pool to give the body time to complete the process triggered by the sequence of hot/cold stimulation in the Balneum.
A course of treatment in the Balneum brings about an obvious improvement in general wellbeing and a reawakening of vital energy.

Art at Terme di Saturnia Spa and Golf Resort is also immersed in the natural setting of the aged-old park surrounding the hotel. The relevant art sculptures are the big marble wave “Acquapietra” (Waterstone) by Gio Pomodoro and “Spirito d’Acqua” (Water Spirit) by Yoshin Ogata both inspired by the natural spring pool and the amazing water of Saturnia.

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