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15 June 2019 -

1919 - 2019, the Resort of Terme di Saturnia celebrates its 100 years. Read more

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An historical heritage is a property that doesn’t belong to the few, rather to everyone.

For 100 years Terme di Saturnia has been the guardian of a unique age-old spring, of a crater that has made the history of thermal tourism, of a water that the ancients used to call "holy bath". In 1919 Gaspero Ciacci built a thermal property equipped with a hotel, to enhance the great healthy virtues of this extraordinary spring, shaping the modern path of the Terme di Saturnia.

In 1919 as in 2019, yesterday as nowaday, the power of the spring makes it the ultimate spa destination in Italy.

Immersing yourself in the spring pool, you experience a unique space-time experience, to recollect lost and atavistic feelings of well-being that emerge from the earth through water.