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Thermal Park

Wellness from the depths of the Earth

Terme di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort is set on a crater of volcanic origin gushing water straight into the centre of the resort.

Rain water travels on an approximately forty-year journey from the bowels of Monte Amiata, filtering drop by drop through micro-fissures of cavernous limestone. The route is protected from the outside world by a 60-metre thick argillaceous roof. The pure spring water – enriched with a high concentration of gases and mineral salts – surfaces in the large thermal pool at the heart of the resort at a constant temperature of 37.5°C, the same temperature as the amniotic fluid that protects humans at birth.

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A vast oasis of relaxation

The Terme di Saturnia Park’s swimming pool area is a relaxing corner with four hot-spring pools, waterfalls, jacuzzis, water courses of warm and cold water, a Spa Boutique offering the full range of health and beauty products and a Spa Café. Here you can simple soak and enjoy the warmth of the sulphurous steam. Cradled by the water the body becomes light and its skin smoothened as it is caressed by the steam. The mind empties of its thoughts and merges with the body, in a fusion that leads to regeneration and the rediscovery of inner harmony.

Map of the resort

Terme di Saturnia Map

Relaxation area

A new heated relaxation area available to the Pool and Spa guests can be combined with visits to the pool park. Stretch out on comfy sofas and chaise longues with a large panoramic window overlooking the pools and the surrounding countryside.

SPA Cafe

Set beside the swimming pools, the Spa Cafe offers cocktails, smoothies, snacks and buffet lunch.