Saturnia Cosmetics


Miracolous skincare and nothing but natural

When you apply our beauty products to your skin you are touching a miracle of nature. Our active ingredients are harvested from Saturnia’s Natural Hot Spring, they have no equal in the world. When the algae in our water comes into contact with air it forms an organic-mineral substance.

This is precious Saturnia bioplancton, rich in amino acids, sulphur, potassium and magnesium. It has extraordinary balancing and moisturising properties. We developed our special formula beauty products so you can enjoy the miraculous skincare at home and the softness it brings to your skin.


Terme di Saturnia Cosmetics are available at La Boutique, within the Resort and the Hot Spring Pools facilities of Terme di Saturnia. A brand-new cosmetic line will be launched shortly, and will be available in our online boutique. 

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The Natural Hot Springs are proven to have many beneficial qualities and we have captured them in the Saturnia cosmetic line. The natural actives treat many skin conditions. They are a natural exfoliator with a deep cleansing action, a strong anti-oxidiser with youth-preserving formula. The Saturnia bioplancton is one of the most extraordinary natural moisturisers in the world.


Our facial treatments regenerate and moisturise with advanced protocols using the Terme di Saturnia SPA Cosmetics skincare products. Saturnia bioplancton is the exclusive ingredient in all our products, a pure extract obtained from our spring waters which is rich in amino acids, sulphur, potassium and magnesium. It is proven to have extraordinary hydrating properties; your skin will never have felt so soft.

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