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Well-being ingredients


The Swiss doctor and naturalist, Paracelsus wrote: "We are not only the child of our mother; the earth is also our mother, which penetrates within us day after day in every bite we eat." This is another form of the famous concept "You are what you eat", so true and alarming in its simplicity that we are put immediately on the defensive.

Instead, just for once, perhaps we should think to ourselves. We are in a rush: a snack at the bar, a sandwich eaten whilst we stand and discuss work, the very least that we can expect is poor digestion. We are not very balanced: based on all this, it is difficult to form an overall picture of what we ingest every day, of the foods we combine, the correct balance between the intake of proteins, vegetable fibres, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, etc.

We are too "refined": where has healthy and genuine basic produce gone?

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Interestingly, the word diet derives from the Greek "diaita" meaning "rule of good life" and does not imply sacrifice, suffering or denial.

Terme di Saturnia is the perfect place to start a new dietary regime. This is how we interpret it at Saturnia: a good rule closely tied to other rules that are fundamental in attaining "global well-being": combatting stress, exercising, taking care of your beauty and, above all, making the most of the extraordinary properties of the warm sulphurous water that studies suggest acts directly on the body, combating weight issues, and the metabolism of sugars, fats and proteins. In particular, the waters of Saturnia stimulate the basal metabolic rate, reduce water retention, reactive capillary circulation and help the liver to dispose of sugars.

It has also been shown that they improve the production of bile (used to digest fats) and reduce the intestinal absorption of cholesterol. Diet and thermal treatments are the perfect combination for the rediscovery of physical well-being. If we add local seasonal products from the resort’s vegetable garden, fitness, and spa treatments, you will feel completely regenerated, with a beautiful body and spirit, ready to face life with new energy

At Saturnia, we start from the concept that nutrition is a highly symbolic primary need and a source of pleasure and satisfaction from the very first moments of life. So, eating well assumes great significance both from a physiological and emotional point of view, even when you need to lose weight.

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Physical exercise

One of the most important ingredients of well-being is exercise, these days compromised by a sedentary lifestyle. Our body is designed to relax through movement, to breathe, expand and vibrate. If it cannot move, it suffers: fat accumulates, the skin puckers up into unsightly cellulite, the lymphatic and blood circulation slows down, the back and limbs start to ache and even your mood suffers.

Compared to normal walking, it demands the exercise of force onto the sticks with every step. This requires the use of the whole body (with greater intensity) and uses the thorax, dorsal, triceps, biceps, shoulder, abdomen and spinal muscles that are not engaged in normal walking. The forced involvement of the musculature generates an effect superior to that achieved through normal walking with the same rhythm. For example:

  • generalised increase of strength and resistance in the main muscles and the upper torso
  • significant improvement of heat rate at the same rhythm as normal physical activity
  • greater ease in hill climbing
  • consumption of a greater quantity of calories compared to normal walking
  • improvement in balance and stability
  • significant improvement in stress on the hips, knees and ankles
  • reduction of stress on skeletal structure

The World Health Organisation advises that we avoid a sedentary lifestyle and advocates walking as an activity suitable for all, that keeps us healthy and only requires a good pair of shoes and will power! It is estimated that 5,000 steps are taken in normal daily activity by someone who undertakes sedentary work, whilst 10,000 steps (even if not in continuation) are the minimum required for an active lifestyle. The 5,000 missing steps can be taken whenever we want, such as parking further away from our destination or taking a stroll in the park.

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Spa - Beauty comes from well-being

Feeling and looking good again: a beautiful countenance and body, so that you feel at ease with yourself and others. This is the aim of the activities of the specialists at the Terme di Saturnia, a programme that makes use of the combined forces of modern and exclusive equipment and products from the Terme di Saturnia Cosmetic Line.
Real beauty is a matter of a mind-body balance and is only achieved through a global approach. This is because any aesthetic problem, from wrinkles to cellulite, loss of muscle tone and skin blemishes is the result of a combination of factors, with an incorrect lifestyle being perhaps the most important. At Saturnia, beauty comes to the fore in a programme of "total well-being" that takes into account every aspect of the body and the spirit, because only the balance of these can lead to glowing and dynamic beauty, not confined to space or time.

The aim is, first and foremost, to take pleasure in yourself, to like yourself and so transmit a genuine sense of beauty to others. This is why at the Terme di Saturnia the effectiveness of special treatments for the face and the body is reinforced by integration in the other areas of Rebalance @Saturnia.

  • Terme di Saturnia, Natural Thermal Spring

Thermal water

In the thermal microcosm, you experience a sense of well-being, permeated not so much by the desire to escape or treat an illness, but the will to be reborn and to enjoy every moment of our life to the full. The birth of man is also linked to water, the amniotic fluid, the very womb of existence and the sublime state of well-being that every human, according to psychoanalytic theories, longs to return to.
Why do thermal cures often work where official medicine fails? For two reasons: the first concerns the psychic aspect. The thermal cures act, as we have witnessed, on the global well-being of the individual rather than on the illness. At Saturnia, the individuals, removed from the circumstances which cause the illness, pamper themselves and allow themselves to be pampered, thus recuperating lost affection that many times is the origin of the most serious illnesses. A doctor is always present, listening and responding to questions, encouraging the participation of the guests in their own healing. The second reason is linked to the composition of the water which at Terme di Saturnia contains all the elements able to positively stimulate the entire organism. In particular the sulfur works directly on the cardiocirculatory system (dilation of surface veins and the reduction of arterial pressure), on the muscles and bones (relaxing and anti-inflammatory effects) and the respiratory system (fluidification of secretions, anti-inflammation). In addition it has a strong protective and detoxifying action on the liver. The presence of carbon-dioxide also helps the blood circulation intensively and increases the depth of breathing and lung capacity. Regarding the skin, Saturnia's water has a natural peeling action thanks to its cleansing, exfoliant and antibacterial properties. When drunk on an empty stomach in small quantities it can aid digestion and positively influence gastrointestinal problems. The temperature of 37,5°C (98.6°F) also has a beneficial influence encouraging the dilation of arteries and veins, thus improving blood circulation, increasing muscular relaxation and reducing stiffness of the joints.