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All the benefits deriving from Saturnia’s thermal water

For 3,000 years this spring water has gushed uninterruptedly from the centre of the earth, inside a crater at a temperature of 37° C.

The constant flow of 500 litres per second enables the thermal water to retain its beneficial qualities without any need for external manipulation. For 40 years it travels underground to resurface in the natural spring in front of the Resort. 2.790 grams of mineral salts are dissolved in each litre of water, together with a considerable quantity of gas, hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide. The presence of thermal spring plankton, clearly visible during immersion, is the natural evidence of the power of Terme di Saturnia. An organic-mineral substance of a gelatinous consistency and a variable colour, which forms in the themal water when the latter comes into contact with air, it is an exclusive and precious active ingredient which has extraordinary normalizing and moisturizing properties when used to treat the skin.

The health-giving properties of the thermal water of Terme di Saturnia are countless, with beneficial effects for the cardiovascular system, the respiratory apparatus, muscles and bones. Furthermore, this water, which has no equal in the world, exerts a strong protective action which is antioxidant and purifying; it exerts a natural peeling action on the skin with exfoliating, deterging and moisturizing properties.

Video thermal water of Saturnia

The benefits of our water

The experience of Terme di Saturnia translates into a proper and thorough process of regeneration, comprising both wellness and beauty treatments.

  • It is highly curative for the skin
  • It reduces blood pressure
  • It increases lung ventilation
  • It works as an exfoliant and a peeling, while performing a profound antiseptic action
  • It has an anti-ageing effect on the liver
  • It reduces the pressure of the cardiovascular and respiratory apparatuses

The principal characteristics of spring water

  • Sulphurous: 14 mg of hydrogen sulphide per litre
  • Carbonic: 462 cc of free carbon dioxide per litre
  • Sulphate: contains a prevalent quantity of sulphate ions
  • Bicarbonate-alkaline-earth metals: contains significant quantities of bicarbonate, calcium and magnesium ions
  • A constant temperature of 37.5°