Terme di Saturnia Ultimate Natural Destination


According to legend Saturn the God of peace and abundance lost his patience with the constant warfare of men. He hurled a thunderbolt at the ground and hot sulphurous water gushed forth. It flowed through valleys and plains quietening the humans’ spirits. This was the start of a golden age dedicated to agriculture, hunting and love.
Beyond the myth, even before Christ, Terme di Saturnia spring was a renowned source of wellbeing for all. Centurions and soldiers, Popes and farmers have all bathed here. As you pass through our gates you leave the values of the outside world behind you. Wearing the same white robes everyone shares one desire, the pursuit of natural wellbeing.

Our history began in Etruscan times with the source bubbling up, gradually baths appeared on the site. In 1454 they truly flourished when a permit was granted for the Saturnia Baths. In 1865 they were acquired by the Ciacci Family who created a real spa facility. In 1919 Gaspero Ciacci built the original hotel. Today, Terme di Saturnia is a 5 star Resort, a member of The Leading Hotels of the World and of Star Hotels Collezione.

Terme di Saturnia is at the vanguard of the Made in Italy, Historical Brand Association, which proudly promotes true Italian values around the world. We are registered as “Historical Trademark of National Interest” and the only five-star hotel brand to be recognised as such by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development.