Natural Hot Spring

The spring waters of Terme di Saturnia have gushed from the centre of the earth for more than 3,000 years. The water is a constant temperature of 37.5°C and flows at 500 litres per second, replenishing the pools naturally every four hours. It makes a 40 year journey underground, gathering power and energy, before rushing up into the Natural Hot Spring Pool at the centre of our Resort.

The water of Terme di Saturnia thermal baths is sulphurous (14 mg per litre of hydrogen sulphide), carbon (462 cc per litre of free carbon dioxide), sulphate (contains sulphate ions in a prevalent quantity), bicarbonate-alkaline-earthy (contains bicarbonate, calcium and magnesium ions in quantity significant). 2.790 grams of mineral salts are dissolved in each litre of water, together with a considerable quantity of gas, hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide.

Therapeutic indications of Saturnia Thermal Water