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The region of Grosseto is considered by many contemporary artists to be the ideal location for the creation of and backdrop for their works. Our region is home to numerous important works of art.


Daniel Spoerri’s garden, Seggiano

At the beginning of the 1990s, Swiss artist Daniel Spoerri began to establish a sculpture park. Set in southern Tuscany, ‘Daniel’s Spoerri’s garden’ was opened to the public in 1997 and can currently be visited from Easter to October. It is presently home to 103 works of art by 50 different artists to be explored in an area of around 16 hectares.
In 1997 ‘Daniel’s Spoerri’s garden’ was officially recognized and inaugurated as a foundation by the MinIstry of Culture.
Its name ‘The Garden’ is a geographical denomination. On the old maps it is known as ‘Paradise’. So it can justifiably be known as ‘The Garden of Paradise’.
From the environmental angle, this part of southern Tuscany is characterized by its luxuriant nature, the slopes of Monte Amiata, Tuscany’s highest mountain, are covered in thick woodlands populated by wild boar. In autumn the mushroom and sweet chestnut harvest is particularly bountiful. You’ll find something different from the typical postcard-image Tuscany, while in winter it snows on Monte Amiata and you can go skiing.
Daniel Spoerri’s garden is located in Seggiano, around 40km from the Terme di Saturnia.

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The Tarot Garden, Capalbio

The Tarot Garden is an art park consisting of Cyclopean sculptures, ranging from 12 to 15 metres high, depicting the twenty-two Major Arcana of the Tarot. It was created by Niki de Saint Phalle on Garavicchio hill, in the commune of Capalbio. The garden is an authentic open-air museum, merging perfectly into the hilly landscape of the Maremma. It’s a completely unique and exceptionally lovely park and one of Italy’s most important examples of environmental art.
The Tarot Garden is located near Capalbio, around 44km from Terme di Saturnia.


Paul Fuchs’s Garden of sounds, Boccheggiano

The private garden of the artist’s house, accessed by narrow woodland pathways. The setting, the wood and the works of art dotted around, make this place a kind of timeless oasis in which art and nature communicate in a relationship of strict permeation and mutual respect. More than twenty randomly placed iron, bronze and copper sculptures created by the artist are the fruit of careful artistic, mathematical and engineering research. Some dozens of metres high, Fuchs’s sculptures are very light, slender and vibrant. Visitors are struck by the sounds produced by their movement, entrancingly in harmony with their setting.

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The green of the valley of Saturnia, the breathtaking landscape and the advanced tee markers at every hole, make your game of golf an unforgettable and truly exclusive experience. Its founding philosophy is based on the assumption that well-being derives from pleasure: the programme is designed to be challenging for seasoned players and at the same time enjoyable for those out of practice.

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Magic Maremma

The Maremma in all its glory is a region in the southern Tuscany and is historically, archeologically, and naturalistically as important as it is unknown.

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The benefits of the spring water

The uniqueness of Saturnia, the only spa of its kind in the world, is the fruit of this exclusive relationship with a hot spring of exceptional qualities. This is why experiencing Terme di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort means coming into contact with a priceless luxury that cannot be copied or imitated.

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