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The Waterfalls of Saturnia

The Waterfalls of Saturnia.

The famous Waterfalls of Saturnia, also known as “Cascate del Mulino” or “Cascate del Gorello”, are among the most popular and fascinating in the world. A wild and spectacular site of great appeal created spontaneously by nature thanks to a cascade of sulphurous water gushing from the millenary spring and generated by the warm water stream of the Gorello in the calcareous rock. Here, in the course of the centuries, the force of the water, as it hurtles down the cascade, has modelled numerous natural pools in the travertine rock, to create natural bathtubs.

A resounding show of vapours rising between the Maremma hills regales us an unforgettable postcard of contrasts between the candid white travertine stone and the blue thermal water.

A fairytale murmured by the century old watermill which still stands intact, and by the natural surroundings of this location.

The waterfalls are completely wild and free and may be visited every day.

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Italy’s most famous route of water, from the millenary Spring to the Waterfalls of Saturnia.

The long underground journey of Saturnia’s water starts from the slopes of Mount Amiata, just a few dozen kilometres away from the Hotel’s Thermal Spring. The water flows for 40 years along its underground course, slowly filtering through micro cracks in the rock, to re-emerge in the Spring of the thermal pool which can be seen from the 5-star Hotel Terme di Saturnia Natural Spa & Golf Resort. From the Resort, the water continues to flow through the adjacent Terme, one of the most extensive thermal spas in Europe, to enter its outdoor thermal pools and tubs as well as supplying the hydro-massage tubs and circulatory wading paths.

From the Thermal Baths, the water then flows for a few kilometres through the meadows of Saturnia before reaching the Waterfalls.