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Бронирование Terme di Saturnia

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Бронирование Terme di Saturnia

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 The torchlight night in Abbadia San Salvatore

24 декабря 2018 - Abbadia San Salvatore

On the night of Dec 24th there is the ceremony of the Torchlight Читать далее

  •  The torchlight night in Abbadia San Salvatore

The ceremony started at 6 p.m. in the Town Hall square and followed a precise and traditional liturgy: the Fire was blessed, the torchlight erected in the square was eventually set alight, and as many torches as the number of torchlights are ignited: the torches are delivered to the Torchlight Chiefs who, starting a procession together with a marching band and many inhabitants, will set the other torchlights on fire.