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Nebulizations for free

The fascination of Terme di Saturnia also passes through less known services, but not for this less current or effective: it is the case of the "collective nebulization in the thermal environment".

Это предложение включает в себя

Environmental pollution, the level of smog, smoking, but also exposure to dust, both in the workplace and at home, have caused an increase in respiratory diseases.

Thermal inhalation therapies are a valid tool to counteract the aforementioned irritative effects. In particular it is with the association between aerosols, inhalations and nebulizations that the greatest benefits are obtained.

The nebulization with thermal water, in the case of Terme di Saturnia Sulfurea-Carbonica-Sulphate-Bicarbonate, is a mist, made up of micro-drops, with the creation of a warm moist vapor that acts like a real thermal aerosol. The thermal water introduced into our body through the nebulisations has the effect of thinning and cleaning the mucus that covers the respiratory tract.

The concentration of this damp sulphurous fog, guarantees a deep and abundant penetration of sulphurous gas in the respiratory system, particularly in the paranasal sinuses. The device that allows you to divide water so finely is the nebulizer that, placed at the center of a room, permeates it with the aforementioned vapors (how much in other cultures is represented by the salt room).

The duration of a session is 15 minutes.

From 21 March to 20 June 2019, for each session of aerosol-therapy, agreement or not, a corresponding session of nebulizations is for free.


Our SPA Reception is at your disposal for further informations and to schedule your appointment.

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  • Nebulizations for free