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The 1919 Restaurant

1919 Restaurant, flavours of the Tuscan cuisine tradition

There are certain flavours which recall much more than a story. Tuscany is a region of gourmet excellence which needs to be experienced and enjoyed in order to be fully understood.

It is here, in our own region, that we seek out and select the local products which abound on our land. This is Italy, so it goes without saying that our attention extends to the entire peninsula, with unfailing attention towards our choice of products. The choice of ingredients and raw materials is dictated by extremely high-quality standards which also implies great respect for the processing techniques and cooking methods. 

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The cuisine

Here the cuisine celebrates prime quality Tuscan and Italian ingredients.

Quality meat such as the famous Chianina, fish from the Argentario, cheese and charcuterie products selected from the excellent producers of the Tuscan Maremma provide the foundations of a cuisine which is highly gratifying yet light, one which reinterprets tradition in the name of wellness. There is a particular focus on seasonal produce and products which support and safeguard traditional small-scale producers.

The on-going process of wine selection with labels that enrich the restaurant cellar, constitutes an exploratory tour of the best wineries and producers guided by our sommelier.