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Thermal Treatments

Tuscan springs spa

Thermal therapies capitalizing on the properties of the mineral thermal spring water.

Terme di Saturnia offers a range of personalised care and both mental and physical regeneration programmes, which make full use of the precious heritage of sulphurous thermal mineral waters, integrating it with the latest equipment and methodologies.

The thermal treatments

Thermal therapies capitalizing on the properties of the mineral thermal spring water.

Partial Mud Therapy
20 minutes | 40 €
Inhalation Therapy
45 minutes | 55 €

Specialist assessments

Special Assessments by our team of doctors

Medical Check-Up
60 €
Physiatrist Check-Up
110 €
Dermatological Check-Up
110 €

Physiotherapeutic Techniques

The following treatments require a preliminary medical interview.

25 minutes | 55 € 50 minutes | 85 €
25 minutes | 50 €
25 minutes| 50 €
Individual Hydrokinesiotherapy
35 minutes | 85 €
Ultrasonic Therapy
50 €
20 minutes | 50 €

Cures in agreement with the National Health System

The National Health Service grants a single course of care in the calendar year.
The treatments agreed with the Terme di Saturnia are:

  • Mud therapy + Thermal bath
  • Balneotherapy in the bath
  • Inhalation Cures

The practice procedure

In order for the referral from your doctor to be valid, you must be properly diagnosed. For simplicity we have suggested some terms recognised by the S.S.N. (Italian Health System) in connection with the treatment cycle as set forth by the former Ministerial Decree 15/12/94:Ciclo di cura // Diagnosi (treatment cycle/ diagnosis)

Mud therapy

Ostearthrosis and other degenerative forms Widespread arthrosis Non-articular rheumatism


Osteoarthrosis and other degenerative forms Non-articular rheumatism Psoriasis Eczema Recurring seborrheic dermatitis Atopic dermatitis

Inhalation treatments

Vasomotor rhinitis Chronic pharyngolaryngitis Chronic sinusitis Chronic sinus bronchial syndrome

The request is valid for three months from the date of issue. Treatment will begin on the same day on which the medical examination is carried out, and the treatment cycle must be consecutive and completed within fifteen days.

How to book

To book a medical examination for admission to treatments, call at least twenty days before the period in which you would like to start your therapy, on +39 0564 600301 from Monday to Saturday between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m.

Documents to be submitted

Please go to the SPA Reception with your prescription, taxpayer ID card and any documentation as proof of exemption from payment of the prescription charge.